There are lines / stripes on the paper after printing.

Perform a cleaning of the print heads. The cleaning can be found in the service menu of your printer.

When you click on the link, Manual for Epson Stylus printers, you are redirected to the site with Epson printers. Here you can select your printer from the list and then download the manual. The manual describes how to clean the printheads, how to align the printheads and how you can check the ink levels.

Print a test page to see if the nozzles are free from blockages. If the lines / stripes still appear on the printed page, repeat the steps. If two black lines appear on the printed test page, enter up to two cleaning cycles. When you see three black lines, enter up to three cleaning cycles: in most cases blocked spray channels are caused by trapped air inside the print head. If after the cleaning cycle the lines / stripes still do not disappear, allow the printer to rest for half an hour and then check the rollers.

Should there still be no improvement, it is a good idea to let the cartridge rest for another two hours. During this rest period, ink will flow through the cartridge and absorb the trapped air and / or by pressing the print head to the outside.

When the cartridges are permanently removed from the Epson printer, the printhead is subject to dehydration, which can stop the Epson from printing. So please replace the used cartridges only when you have replacement cartridges available. Never unplug the printer from the power supply while the printer is active, for instance during paper handling, cleaning cycles, and printing. When the printer is not in use, the print head is closed by the locking mechanism to prevent dehydration.

“Clean Printheads” consumes a lot of ink. It can also help to print a page with large areas of colour. This way, the spray nozzle can flow through well. Click here for an example: ColourTest-sheet.pdf

If the above solutions do not improve then you can apply for your cleaning cartridge through the page cleaning cartridge. Click here to request cleaning cartridges

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